Parish councillors

    Contact List of Council Members May 2020

  • Chair: Councillor Tony Ashton
  • Vice Chair: Councillor Lisa Bevins
  • Councillor Michael Conway
  • Councillor David Gates
  • Councillor Catherine Hughes
  • Councillor Martin Jones
  • Councillor Eva Lawson
    • Address: Farlands Coachhouse, Kinder Road, Hayfield. SK22 2LJ
    • Tel: 01663 743303 (or mobile – no signal at home) 07788672341
  • Councillor David Toft
  • Councillor Jackie Wilson
  • Notifications of interest

    All serving parish councillors complete notifications of interest and these can be viewed on the Parish Councillors' notifications of interest page.


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    • Please note that address and telephone contact details are omitted from this list to prevent them being collected and used for illicit purposes (e.g. Internet 'spam' messages etc). A printed list of Hayfield Parish Councillors, with full contact details, is posted on the notice board, outside the Parish Council offices at Dungeon Brow, Hayfield.
    • You can contact Hayfield Parish Council directly from this web site, by using the form on our Contact page.

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