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Advice to Hayfield Volunteers

Advice to Volunteers

Phone Rota – 

  • Jane – Wednesday Thursday
  • Jody – Friday Saturday
  • Paul – Sunday Monday Tuesday

Obviously it goes without saying that if you have any symptoms of the virus or anyone in your household does then please do not volunteer for 14 days,

ID Required – If you are selected to be a volunteer for someone in need you will need to provide the person on sending you the information with proof of your ID (current drivers license or passport).

Work In Pairs – When asked to help you will be working in pairs to hopefully avoid getting into situations where it is one persons word against another. If you have any concerns then please voice these to one of the admin team. Operating in pairs will also help ensure volunteers safety. Please always make sure someone knows where you are and what time to expect you back.

Hygiene and Social Distancing – Ensure that any shopping delivery is done by dropping at the door and then stepping away while the person collects. If money is being handled then please wear gloves that will be provided and provide an envelope with receipt in so that money can be placed in that and left on the door step to be counted. ALWAYS CHECK THE AMOUNT IS CORRECT AT THE DOOR BEFORE LEAVING.

Money Handling – Ideally any shopping should be done locally and items paid for over the phone by card if possible. Where cash is being exchanged, pay for the shopping using the float money provided, take a picture of the receipt before handing to the client for our records and ensure money received from client in envelope is correct before returning. Money to be handed back to Leanne, Jody or Jane to be returned to float.

Update to Admin Team – In order to ensure everything runs smoothly please provide an update upon your return home or upon the end of a phone call to whoever is rota’d on that day. Receipts and money to be handed back at the end of a delivery and never taken back to volunteers home.

If anyone has any concerns about any of the above or about any incidents on support visits they have attended/phone calls they have made please voice these as soon as possible to one of the admin team who will make a note of the issue and be able to help further.

Thank you for all your efforts!!!

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